Maja and Thomas Kilgore's hospitality philosophy embodied is one step beyond “home away from home”- it’s an improvement of home, or the home that a guest has always yearned for. The hotel should feel comfortable to the guest, warm and inviting, as well as luxurious and accommodating, a place that provides for all needs and caters to every whim. The management of this philosophy is one that commences with the staffing of the hotel and the ensurance of their preparedness and confidence in the work they do. For Maja and Thomas Kilgore this begins with a compiled, group effort Standard Operating Procedure compendium master file of guidelines for employees that includes dress code, problem solving, and frequent situations to expect, so that when any problem arises it can be dealt with swiftly and efficiently by any employee. The next crux of hospitality is the development of Unique Selling Points to make the hotel stand out in a very competitive industry- for instance, developing an offer of traditional lifestyle theme packages that include hunting, a very unique and unexpected twist that cannot be replicated elsewhere for a ranch in Montana. These unique selling points are what draw people in, for a different and new adventure experience that they will remember for the rest of their lives. The final and most important pillar of hospitality for Maja and Thomas Kilgore is that of the personal experience - something that touches every aspect of the resort life. All food, spa treatments, activities, rooms and requests are met to fit an individual’s need to ensure that each guest is personally treated with the utmost appreciation and reverence, guaranteeing their exceptional and memorable experience.