K & K Philosophy

In our business one must love the challenge, to widen our spectrum and horizons, to have a vision - since there are always new challenges coming up!

In the end it comes down only to passion for what you are doing - living the hospitality life day to day.

Living on tropical islands and remote country sides for several years, has indeed given us quite a broad knowledge and appreciation of the simple things in life ...

... producing electricity, maintaining water supplies, growing fruits and vegetables in the farms and hydroponics, establishing commnication just to name a few. We believe in a personal ‚hands on‘ approach in various aspects of running a company. For example we believe in passing on knowledge in the daily training of the employees in their various departments.
The employees should reflect the hotels or resorts philosophy with a natural smile and pride.
Only with passing on knowledge the person itself can be confident in doing their job - achieving a personal guest contact. At the end of the day, we and the team are there to create for our guests:

„beautiful moments that last for eternity”
A hotel can have a beautiful ‚hardware‘ but it only lives through ‚the software‘ - the personality of each individual of the entire team working together.

When it comes to the culinary side of life, for sure we all enjoy a great wine and fine foods. We define ‚fine dining’ actually in simply good products cooked to its best, prepared when they are in season. It always has been our passion to find farmers or wine makers where you can feel (or taste) the passion they put into their products. It always adds the little extra, if there is a story to tell about the products. We met wonderful people around the world, who brought us our passion closer of farming and growing produce and seeing what nature has to offer.