• 8°24’34.3”S 115°11’20.1”E Zeitraum Juni 2007 bis Dezember 2012

    Matahari Beach Resort & Spa - Bali

    An unique Relais & Chateaux Beach Resort with 36 bungalows, two restaurants and spa. Upgrade of the resort to a R&C and a 5 star standard ~ Developing the spa concept and building of the new spa ~ Building of a driving range ~ Establishing an airfield for light aircrafts for the resort operational ~ Establishing farms in the mountains for fruits, vegetables and chickens ~ Establishing poultry & pig farm near the resort ~ Continuous staff training in all departments ~ Refurbishment of the kitchen and restaurant

  • 9°51’54.0”N 123°23’45.6”E Zeitraum Juni 2007 bis Dezember 2012

    Badian Island - Cebu, Philippines

    Badian Island is a privatly owned resort with 32 suites located near Cebu. Organizing the renovation, refurbishment and reopening after being closed for 6 months due to a fire in the resort ~ Overseeing the construction of 5 new bungalows, kitchen and restaurant and the reception building ~ Creating the spa concept and building of the new spa ~ Training of the spa team including teaching product knowledge for the home made spa products ~ Upgrading and training of the F&B team and Housekeeping department - a K&K consultancy project Due to 9/11 we ended the cooperation after 6 months and returned back to Germany.

  • 53°42’5.3”N 12°32’30.6”E Zeitraum Juni 2007 bis Dezember 2012

    Schlosshotel Burg Schlitz - Germany

    Schlitz castle is a wonderful hunting castle in Mecklenburg, Northern Germany with 20 rooms, 6.000 m² living space and 180 hectare hunting grounds with deep forests & beautiful parks. After change of the castle ownership a suitable concept was required to revive traditional Mecklenburg country living:

    Hunting & Forestry

    Organizing hunts, individual or in groups during the hunting season (driven hunts for boar, stag and small game), hunting with horses & hounds ~ building of a cross country riding course, renovating the horsestables, organizing equestrian events i.e. Sidesaddle ~ Cross country riding clinics, organizing international Polo tournaments in cooperation with Polo Club Pinnow ~ ...

    Establishing Clay pigeon shooting grounds on the castle premises ~ Forestry & agriculture belonging to the castles premises

    Weddings & Events

    Establishing a Civil registrar office in the castle, organizing weddings in the castles chapel, wedding planning services from A-Z ~ Event planning in accordance with traditional country living ~ Organizing of concerts, exhibitions i.e. with Silvermanufacturer Robbe & Berking and events with watch manufacturers as Ebel, Glashuette in conjunction with Juwelierhaus Grabbe ~ Hosting car presentations and offroad trainings with Audi, VW and Mercedes


    Planning and building of the spa, pool and sauna ~ Finance & accounting in reference to the restructuring of 3 companies including EU Funding ~ Establishing the hotels CI and redesigning all promotional materials from stationary to the website

  • 46°42’32.85”N 17°47’47.15”E Zeitraum Jan 2007 until July 2007

    Jagdschloss Visz - Hungary

    A hunting castle from the 19th century near Lake Balaton with 13 rooms & suites. Conceptual planning of the renovation ~ Establishing the hotels concept based on its traditions ~ Overseeing the renovation of the old castle construction phase ~ Implementing a suitable management team ~ Hand over to the owner of all related SOP’s, handbooks, trainings and training schedules for the employees ~ Compiling the hotels FF&E and OS&E lists ~ Establishing the financial concept and the marketing strategy - a K&K consultancy project

  • 16°45’9.8”S 179°41’10.8”E Zeitraum Juni 2007 bis Dezember 2012

    Laucala Island - Fiji

    Laucala Island is a 12 km² private island resort & spa in the South Pacific with 25 residences from 600 up to 10.000m² private living space, 5 restaurants, various farms, marine department and international private airport.

    Construction & Conceptual phase

    Overseeing full time construction on island liaising with all trades with up to 2500 workers ~ finalizing the overall building of the resort and two staff villages ~ Establishing the Logistic concept for the resort and for the employee village on the neighboring island ~ Establishing concepts for all department starting from F&B, Rooms Divisions, Administration, Activities, Sports and Aviation ~ overseeing the demobilization process of the construction site and camps

    Pre opening

    Bringing the pre opening team from the construction phase into the preopening stage of the island ~ Recruitment of the team now consisting of 350 employees currently in 21 departments and in 2 companies (Laucala Island and Air Laucala) ~ Furnishing the resort in liaison with the interior designer ~ Procurement and Logistics of all resort items of FF&E and OS&E ~ Training all departments and establishing job descriptions and department related SOP’s ~ Overseeing the design and production of uniforms ~ Design and production of all promotional materials ~ Establishing a CI guideline

    Marine & Logistics

    Overseeing and planning the construction of the airport to be a 24hrs day and night operational for planes with a MTOW of 40 tons ~ Establishing Air Laucala 145c with all maintenance facilities on island ~ Purchasing of aircrafts King Air B200 and Navajo Piper Chieftain for commercial and emergency operations ~ Implementing clearance procedures with authorities of international landing and departure of private airplanes ~ 7 employees with Air Laucala ~ Establishing procedures for the Nadi Lounge meet & greet facilities in the hangar on the mainland at the Nadi international airport (280 nautical miles away from Laucala)

    Air Laucala

    Building and establishing a Marine harbor ~ Operating 16 vessels from 1 ton to 380 tons (ie. classic sailboats, Deepsea fishing boat, jetboats and transport barges)

    Communication Network

    Establishing island owned independent Telecommunications and IT network ~ Implementing an IT structure & ITC policy


    Implementing an independent Engineering department and systems of ie. own water supplies 7 boreholes producing 1mio liter per day ~ ...

    Resource management: Establish procedures and stock for the island of 1 month supply ie. storage capacity 120t Diesel, 32t Gas, 23t ULP, STP (350 m³/pay - environmentally friendly - wastewater for golf and garden irrigation) ~ Resources management for employee housing in the two staff villages for 350 employees (ie. all meals provided, laundry and recreational facilities) ~ Establishing a maintenance program for all trades

    Finances & Security

    Establishing and implementing an accounting system including corporate reporting with financial controlling in cooperation with KPMG tax consultant and legal consultancy Munro Leys lawyers Suva (Fiji) ~ ...

    Insurances and Operational Licenses for Laucala Island and Air Laucala ~ Establishing the status of a ‚Port of sufferance’ and ‚Quarantine station’ for the island to ensure international arrival and departures for Yachts and aircrafts


    Building Community relations in tribunal matters with the neighboring islands and communal chiefs ~ Establishing a Marine Park and Marine reserve around the island ~ Managing and overseeing the refurbishment of the island after damages suffered after a cyclone category 5 in March 2010 ~ Implementing Emergency procedures for ie. Cyclones or other extreme weather conditions ~ ...

    Establishing and implementing of the Spa concept in accordance with the islands self-sufficiency concept ~ PR & Marketing for Laucala island ~ Implementing an Ambassador concept to target suitable international markets. Creating the CI and all relevant promotional materials including the website ~ Rooms Division set up (using Micros Fidelio, Opera and Material controls and Acpac systems) ~ Establishing a medical clinic with a 24 hours stand by of a doctor and two nurses to ensure first aid and a medical evacuation scenario within max. 12 hours.

  • 46°15’23.1”N 113°31’19.7”W March 2012 - Dezember 2013

    The Ranch at Rock Creek

    The Relais & Chateaux property lies in the rugged mountains of the Montana Rocky Mountains. The ranch itself is located on over 2,500 hectares of private property. At this classic ranch guest are welcomed in three different types of accommodation, the Granite Lodge with nine rooms, eight glamping canvas cabin tents located directly at the Rock Creek river and ten traditional log-homes varying from one bedroom up to 5 bedrooms houses, spread out over the ranch property. The interior design throughout all accommodations is authentic yet luxurious old west style, inspired by period photographs of Mary Colter. The ranch was first established as a cattle farm in the 19th century. Today the ranch has a herd of about 300 head of Black Angus and 30 Corriente cattle. Cattle drives on horseback are well-received by the guests on the Ranch and are popular activities.

    The Ranch welcomes guest in two different restaurants, the fine dining room in the main Granite Lodge, seating 70 guests. The Blue canteen, a canvas tent type restaurant located at the creek, serving bbq style lunches and dinners. Destinations dining like chuck wagon dinners, dinner by the river or gourmet lunches are very popular amongst the guests.

    The most popular pursuits are horseback riding and the ‘house’ –rodeo, showcasing penning, roping, bull riding and horse activities like barrel racing and pole bending. A herd of 80 Quarter horses provides guests the real Western experience with trails rides for beginners and advanced riders. The equine program offers a wide array in riding lessons (English and Western) for every level of horse lover.

    Summer and winter activities are offered on the ranches property. Shooting courses (Clay pigeon, Skeet, Rifle & pistol and the Cowboy shooting stand), Fly fishing over 4 miles of blue-ribbon trout stream, hiking and mountain biking, cross country skiing, snowshoeing and ice-skating.

    The Spa consists of 5 treatment rooms, a cedar sauna offering body treatments, facials, mani-pedicures and hair treatments. The custom made products for the spa and the room amenities are a cooperation with the Montanan Sage & Cedar company.

    Mercantile - Hotel Boutique offers a variety of western and cross over style retail boots, custom made hats, jeans and a large variety of small hotel boutique brand items.

  • 26°19’3.5”N 80°11’48.24”W From 2014

    Royal Blues Hotel, Florida

    The Royal Blues Hotel is an exciting addition to the Deerfield Beach skyline, presenting an innovative private boutique luxury art hotel that will provide an unforgettable and irreplaceable stay aiming to combine authentic American experiences rich in cultural history, local attractions such as the adjacent pier, along with gourmet fine dining at our Chanson Restaurant and exceptional wine lounge. These will be enjoyed within the context of the Royal Blues Hotel’s sumptuous and fluid contemporary architecture and upscale accommodations amid warm breezes and beautiful beaches.

    Discover the Frette special feature

    The Royal Blues Hotel is a feast for all senses, from the feel of genuine teak wood tile beneath your feet, to the craft wine selections in the luxury hotel’s wine lounge and Chanson Restaurant, to the original and remarkable art pieces adorning the walls of every room. The Royal Blues Hotel holds the promise of both classic elegance and modern luxury for an invaluable and sincere experience of the best of American beaches.

  • 47°12'30.8"N 14°47'58.6"E From 2015

    Dietrich Mateschitz Group, Austria

    Experiences in notes

    We rejoined the Dietrich Mateschitz Group back in January 2015 as Executive Hospitality Managers. Maja & Thomas Kilgore were responsible for several projects, developments located mostly in Styria directly around the Red Bull Ring, within the Ausseer Land and for the private Laucala Island Resort in the South Pacific.

    Red Bull Ring

    Race Circuit & Motorsport Events
    The Red Bull Ring owned by Dietrich Mateschitz is famous for bringing back the Formula1 to Austria. International motorsport has developed ever since. Spielberg hosted the MotoGP in 2016 for the first time, other series as DTM, ADAC, Truck Race Trophy, Histo Cup and many more horse power events have their set place in the race calendars.

    Spielberg also focuses on traditional activities as the Spielberg Musikfestival focussing on Austrian folk and Austropop as well hosted an ACDC Concert in 2015 with more than 140.000 fans.

    For all these series and events, at and around the Red Bull Ring, Thomas was in charge for the planning, organization and overseeing the gastronomy concepts at the race circuits public areas. The gastronomic concept also offers various levels of private lounges, clubs and vip areas. Serving serval thousand visitors up to the height of 250.000 guests during the MotoGP.

    Red Bull Ring

    Voest Wing
    At the Red Bull Ring, the Voest Wing was opened in 2015 shortly prior to the Formular 1 offering additional capacities for meetings and incentives varying from 10 to 500 people. The Car park, offering a tremendous array of sport cars, motorcycles, off-road tracks for Defenders, 4 w-drive, motorized winter sport activities are a major part of the of the guest offers. ‚Spielberg‘s - Nomen est Omen‘ motto, means literally ‚playground‘ for individual travelers, companies and for any aspect of the MICE market combining driving experiences with business or leisure.

    The new Voest Wing became the ‚Welcome center‘ & ‚Info-point‘ being the integral meet and great area for all visitors to the Red Bull Ring. The central concierge service - reception is located next to new cafe and shop. In our responsibility was the operational aspect of the Wings facilities: the Cafe, reception, fan shop, and gas station.

    Red Bull Ring

    Core responsibilities
    A complaint Management team to respond to all guest inquiries is integrated with the reception department of the welcome center:
    - F&B
    - cafe design and building
    - reception & fan shop financial management
    - gas station logistics
    - human resources

    In 2015 Thomas planned and built the central Bakery & Patisserie catering for the Red Bull Ring events, the seven hotels and cafés within the hotel collection in Spielberg:
    - patisseries concept, planning & overseeing construction, staffing, logistics delivering pastries to the 7 hotels and restaurant outlets around Spielberg
    - Catering for race circuit events at the Red Bull Ring up to 1200 people

    Hotel Collection

    G'Schlössl Murtal
    G‘Schlössl Murtal is also home to the Trakehner Gestüt Murtal (Trakehner horse stud). In September 2016 we hosted the Landesstutenschau showcasing over 70 Trakehner horses and catering for more than 800 guests in vip lounges, public areas and exclusive catering over the two day horse show.

    The private estate Schloss Admontbichl, an addition to the stud in about 30 km distance, was renovated and only opened in October 2016. The castle has three stables, riding facilities, pastures and in the castle several private residences. The opening was jointly celebrated with the‘Heritage Day‘ association catering for 3500 guests.

    Core responsibilities:
    planning and organizing the opening events at the horseshows

    Hotel Collection

    Schloss Gabelhofen
    The castle was first mentioned in 1443. Schloss Gabelhofen and Seehotel Grundlsee were bought by the DM Group in 2014 from the HMZ Stiftung. In 2015 we began major renovations with an opening date May 1st 2017. Schloss Gabelhofen will have 43 rooms and suites, meeting facilities, a restaurant (rated with 2 Hauben in early 2016) , cafe and garden terrace. The location is the classic wedding and family venue as well a meeting and conference location. 4 meeting rooms with highest standard of equipment.

    The modern Galerie in Schloss Gabelhofen is home to the private art collection - Die SamMlung showcasing vernissages on a quarterly basis. The vernissages are combined with culinary journeys themed by native country of the artist.

    Core responsibilities
    interior design, planning & overseeing construction, kitchen planning

    Hotel Collection

    Hotel Hofwirt
    Adjacent to the Hotel Hofwirt we renovated in 2016 a former barn into a Hofladen / farmers market, involving local producers with fresh styrian produce and handcraft items.

    The location is used for market days and can be an exclusive facility for events and product presentations. Event location for up to 40 people.

    Hotel Collection

    Seehotel Grundlsee
    The Seehotel Grundlsee is a 17 room boutique hotel and lies directly at the Grundlsee lake, offers with Chef Mathias Schütz a 1 Haube cuisine seating 52 guest in the restaurant and 60 seats on the terrace.

    A part of the company and main attraction is the ‚Schifffahrt‘ (commercial shipping with three vintage boats cruising on Lake Grundlsee and two ‚Plätten‘ a traditional boat on Lake Toplitz); the ‚3 lake sightseeing tour‘ to Toplitzsee, Kammersee and Grundlsee. The boats moore directly at the hotels shore during the summer months.

    Core responsibilities
    establishing the concept and logistics, marketing concept

    Laucala Island

    a private island resort in the South Pacific with 25 luxurious residences, organic spa, five restaurants, and 18 hole pga golf course, various farms and hydroponics, a marine department consisting of more than 26 vessels varying from 0.5 t until 510 tons load capacity. A team of more than 410 employees cater to the international guest clientele.

    Laucala Island

    Air Laucala
    Laucala island airport is an international privately owned airport, with day- and night flight operation. The fleet consists of a King Air B200 and B300 seating up 12 passengers, a Piper Chiefton and a Husky seaplane.

    In 2016 the private Airport Lounge at Nadi International Airport was designed and will be operational beginning of 2017. The Lounge will allow guest an exclusive check in and check out process with Fiji immigration and customs, for individual travelers as well as private airplane handling.

    Laucala Island

    Resort & island renovation with reopening June 2016
    a private island resort in the South Pacific with 25 luxurious residences, organic spa, five restaurants, and 18 hole pga golf course, various farms and hydroponics, a marine department consisting of more than 26 vessels varying from 0.5 t until 510 tons load capacity. A team of more than 410 employees cater to the international guest clientele.

    Laucala Island

    Sales & Marketing
    Being a member of LHW Leading Hotels of the world, Virtuoso and Travellermade we oversaw the PR strategy and all sales & marketing activities internationally. The Ambassador program was extended to Australia, New Zealand, Americas, Asia and new Markets in EAU in the recent year 2016.

  • 3°9'2.016"N 101°42'39.38"E From 2017

    VXL Group China

    Genting Secret Garden Resorts Development

    VXL group of companies, is an international investment house with headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. VXL Group has a focus on tourism real estate, integrated resort and city urbanization by advancing collaborative solutions of public and private partnerships. VXL flagship development is the Ski Resort development in China for the Winter Olympics in Beijing 2022.

    Genting Ski Resort Secret Garden is located in Chongli County near Zhangjiakou City, China. Secret Garden ski area is the most popular all-season resort around Beijing and the largest ski resort in the country. The development for the upcoming Winter Olympics Freestyle world Championships in 2021 is part of a five valley hotel development, stretching over more than 300 square km. Upon completion, it will become a multifunction five-star eco-tourism leisure and health resort, with annual capacity of 1.8 million visitors.

    World Class Skiing Facilities and host to the Beijing winter Olympics 2022

    Genting Resort Secret Garden currently has 48 ski slopes with a total planning of around 88 ski trails, serviced by 3 world leading windproof high speed heated chair lifts with a total planning 22+ lifts. The ski resort is also equipped with top international brands skis and snowboards. The Olympic Halfpipe was completed for the 2017 winter season. The ski school has implemented the first TBL ‘terrain based learning’ ski and snowboard program in China providing pro lessons for all levels and age groups in cooperation with Burton ltd and Head.

    International Winter Sports Competition Venue

    In December 2017 Secret Garden was the host the first Chinese FIS Freestyle World Cup in Aerials and Halfpipe, Free Ski and Snowboard competitions. This World Cup was the qualifying event for the 2018 Pyeong Chang Olympics in Korea. Further annual FIS World Cup events have been confirmed until 2020. In 2021 the World Championships will be held at Secret Garden.

    International cooperation of Genting Ski Resort Collective is partner with LAAX in Switzerland, Squaw Valley Meadows in the US, Shiga Kogen, Hakuba Happo in Asia and MtBuller in Australia.