Today’s lifestyle is not one that accommodates relaxation and reprieve from a busy work schedule. An essential part of a vacation experience is the desire to draw back form the hustle and bustle of one’s life and finally breathe a little easier. Maja and Thomas Kilgore seek places to reconnect the body and mind, and find a more harmonious space in which to do so. To find this sometimes necessitates the finding and founding of Spas, as wellness and fitness are crucial if oft-neglected parts of our lives. Spa and wellness centers are fast becoming an important and even integral part of a guest experience, and hotels that have made the decision to include spas in their facilities have already seen enormous benefits and will have an advance position in future bookings. Spas add prestige and elevated luxury to hotels, and the health-conscious consumer of today will appreciate and notice the inclusion of a spa when making their travel plans. Our spa, fitness, and wellness programs are tailored to suit not only an individual guest’s lifestyle and needs using traditional healing lifestyle methodology from Bali, Indonesia, and Fiji; but to reflect the scents and sensory experiences of the environment, such as the essential oils used in treatments which contain Juniper berries, tea tree oil, peppermint leaves, ponderosa pine, scents that are reminiscent of the rugged and majestic mountainside in which one receives their relaxing and rejuvenating treatment. This individualization of services even proceeds to the product lines offered in the spa, if the infrastructure permits it, to offer customized scented lotions, candles, oils, and other relaxation products.