Overseeing the golf course construction in liaison with David McKlay Kidd Golf Design Ltd was a task that encompassed both the designing of and organizing all aspects of creating a golf course, from the pre-step and designing phase, to shaping and construction, to the growing stage, and successful completion; where Maja and Thomas Kilgore saw such obstacles as building a workable, sustainable, environmentally-friendly golf course around a swamp in a way that minimized the environmental impact and utilized natural reserves of rainwater rather than groundwater while maintaining maximum playability and expert routing around the preservation of the location’s natural abundance and beauty. The Laucala Island golf course underwent a refinement of the irrigation system, as well as facilitating and implementing equipment standards operational to international championship PGA guide, while implementing a design that allowed for unbelievable views and stunning seascapes of the Pacific along the demanding fairways and elaborate bunkers. The exclusive resort’s intent to build a user-friendly golf course that struck a balance between environmental sustainability, playability, balance, and championship layout establishment set a high standard for a perfect golf course in a perfect utopian location that will not be duplicated anywhere else in the world.