Financial Services

The establishment of financial infrastructure begins with the implementation of accounting services and system that includes corporate reporting with financial controlling in cooperation with tax consultants and legal, custom-made insurance solutions and operational licenses, as well as an overall commencement of financial services for employees. The financial services offered by Thomas and Maja Kilgore begins with this establishment of accounting services and controlling as well as establishing a consolidated inventory. Once this is done, there begins a system of reporting that starts with a month-end report amongst staff to boost transparency and understanding as well as drive a need for improvement, followed by a monthly report that is generated to deliver to corporate headquarters. Other experiences of Maja and Thomas Kilgore include investments, or specifically the pairing of financial partners with the corresponding resources as it relates to investing. And finally, the creation of unique insurances that are tailored to not only each resort location, but to each direct client or broker, is a staple of the establishment of finances and accounting services.