Both, Maja and Thomas Kilgore have displayed a knack and a passion to equestrian sports as it relates to traditional lifestyles and ranching. In Germany, forestry and maintaining of the hunting grounds played a vital role in their vision of ranching. Thomas and Maja established not only their enthusiasm of horseback riding and traditional sports by implementing a renowned cross-country riding and training facility, but by reviving the tradition of hunting with a pack of hounds in Mecklenburg. In addition to the creation of these facilities, Maja and Thomas organized traditional hunts, either individual or in groups during the hunting season, which consisted of driven hunts for boar, stag, and small game, and hunting with horses and hounds while in Germany. No detail was overlooked in the planning of these hunts, from the selection of a pack of hounds to finding the right horse. Maja and Thomas Kilgore also constructed another cross-country riding course, renovated the stables, organized equestrian events (i.e. sidesaddle show), organized cross country riding clinics, organized an international polo tournament in cooperation with the Polo Club Pinnow, and established clay pigeon shooting grounds on the castle premises in accordance with the forestry and agriculture traditional to the castle’s premises. During their time in Montana, Maja and Thomas have implemented these same traditional hunting and equestrian values by overhauling the equestrian program and creating hunting events at the ranch as well as a new shooting range and activities including cowboy shooting with reactive targets, clay pigeons, skeet shooting, and a rifle/pistol shooting range, as well as activities including fly fishing and ice fishing when the weather permitted.