Thomas and Maja Kilgore supervised and oversaw the construction of an international airport on the island with the intention to have a fully functional island airport that is operational 24/7 for planes of MTOW of 40 tons. Beginning with events such as runway construction and establishing Air Laucala 145c with all maintenance facilities built on the island in a convenient location, in order to fulfill all engineering and maintenance request to national or international standards, such as engine changes, and other standard aircraft needs. Following the construction of the airport comes the infrastructure that begins with the purchasing of a full fleet of aircrafts, including a King Air B200 and a Navajo Piper Chieftain for both commercial and emergency operations. After the purchase of these vehicles is completed, custom clearance procedures with authorities of international landing and departure of private airplanes along with the Air Laucala aircrafts commences. Thomas and Maja Kilgore's final step in the creation and maintenance of an Air Laucala airline is airport management, beginning with selecting staff that includes establishing procedures for the Nadi Lounge meet & greet facilities in the hangar on the mainland at Nadi International Airport, the writing of procedure and policies/instruction manuals for the airline, and the placement of all government procedure and infrastructure for a fully functional airport.